Thursday, December 20, 2018

Kenya Coins, set of 4 coins - new family - 2018 series

The newly issued set of four coins of Kenya. The set includes 1 Shillings, 5 Shillings, 10 Shillings and 20 Shillings. These coins have the Flora and Fauna of Kenya, showing the wild animals in Kenya. According to the the Central Bank of Kenya the coins are as follows:

1 Shilling - This coin has The Giraffe, Twiga in Kiswahili, it is known to be the world's tallest land animal and the largest ruminant. Males can grow up to 5.5 meters tall while females reach height of 4.2 meters. It is found all over the savannah woodlands of Kenya. Due to its exceptional long neck, a giraffe can reach treetops and rarely completes for food with any other animal, in addition to being able to spot predators far away. The giraffe is the epitome of geniality, rarely attacking other animals unless provoked or when forced to defend itself or its calf. Humans generally hold the giraffe in high regard possibly due to its elegant and peaceful disposition. In Popular culture, the giraffe's iconic long neck usually portrays foresight and achievement, as it can access leaves on treetops where other cannot.

5 Shillings - The Rhinoceros, Kifaru in Kiswahili. This animal is usually referred to as " Rhino". It is the second largest animal after Elephant. There are two species of African Rhino; the black rhino and the white rhino. Both rhinos are native to Eastern and Southern Africa. The difference between them is not colour but their respective body weight and shape of the lip. The black rhino weights less then its white relative and has appointed lip; the white rhino has a flat squared lip. Rhinos can live up to 35 years and are capable of running at speeds up to 50 Kilometers per hour. They are notorious for their short temper and can charge at objects and other creatures with intense ferocity. As a culture symbol, rhino represent energy and vitality and they are fierce yet passive animal. 

10 Shillings - this coin has the Lion on it; Simba in Kiswahili. It is the biggest animal of the cat family. Lions weight anywhere between 120 and 250 kilograms and male lion is bigger and heavier with a distinctive mane. Lions live in groups, called a pride, made up of several females and few males. In the wild they can live up to 20 years. Perhaps owing to its physical characteristics or predatory prowess, many cultures across the world adopt the lion as in identity symbol. When embossed in a coin, its posture traditionally symbolizes courage and might. Kenya's coat of Arms, which appears on all Kenyan shilling coinage, prominently features lions on either side of the shield. The lion inhabits the low lying plain of Kenya stretching from Tsavo, Amboseli, Masai Mara, Samburu and virtually all of the low-lying grassland of Kenya.

20 Shillings - this coin is bimetallic with the Elephant on it, Ndovu in Kiswahili. It is the largest land animal on earth. Weighting about 6 tones, standing at 3.3 meters in height and up to 7.5 meters in length, it can be found both in forests and the savannah grasslands of Africa. The savannah (bush) elephants is slightly larger then the forest elephant. The two sub-species also have other physical differences; the savannah elephant's tusks curve outwards while the forest elephant's tusks are straighter and curve downwards. An elephant can live up to 70 years and is reputed to have a long memory, hence the saying "elephants never forget". Their complex social behavior is a subject of wonder as they are known to express deep sorrow at the death of a herd member. Many societies believe elephants symbolizes leadership, strength, and gentle power. Its image is widely used across the world and is a popular engraving in African art and jewelry.

The coins are in mint condition, for purchase vist:

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