Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ghana Coins Set

The set of Ghana coins includes 5 coins. The coins show the coat of Arms is shown at the back of all the new series of coins. This captures among other things the minerals and agricultural wealth of the country; the continuing link between Ghana and the Commonwealth; the lone star of African Freedom; and the national aspirations. 

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The set includes: Cedis and Pesawas denominations of Ghana. 

The GHS 1 Cedis coin has the image of the scale of justice symbolizing equity and fairness in the delivery of justice and re-enforces the rule of law in Ghana. 

The 50Gp bears the image of a market woman which symbolises the significance of women in business and their contribution in building the Ghanaian economy and society as a whole. 

The 20Gp depicts the cocoa pod which represents the agricultural wealth of Ghana and the economic importance of cocoa over the years. 

The 10Gp is devoted to a book which also emphasises the role education plays in a democratic society. 

The 5Gp shows a traditional horn blower, representing the traditional mode of communication in Ghana. 

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