Sunday, March 24, 2024

SIERRA LEONE: Complete set of 5 coins - 1, 5 , 10, 25, and 50 Cents ( 2022) in Mint condition


The Central bank of Sierra Leone issued in 2022 complete new family of coins in circulation. The complete set of  coins from Sierra Leone  includes 5 denominations that is 1 cent, 5 Cents, 10 Cents, 25 cents and 50 Cents. The coins have different presidents of Sierra Leone on one side while the other side has different musical instruments used in  the country. Sierra Leone's music is a mix of French, British, West Indian, Creole, and native genres. Some common instruments in Sierra Leone include the kelei, a slit-log drum; the sangbei, a single-skin drum; and the segbure, a rattle. These instruments are often played during ceremonial dances, but are also enjoyed on their own. 

This rich heritage of the country is nicely depicted on its coins and is an excellent addition to your coins collection from this West African nation, which is bordered by Liberia and the Atlantic ocean. 

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